Commercial Finance/Banking

Lyne, Woodworth attorneys represent a variety of lenders and borrowers in various types of commercial loan transactions. Many of these secured lending arrangements involve complex collateral security provisions.

The firm is experienced in all aspects of transactions governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, including the creation of security interests in all types of real and personal property collateral. We are experienced at obtaining and perfecting security interests in such property as accounts receivables, inventory and equipment, chattel paper, patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property, and other instruments.

Our lawyers typically participate in all stages of the lending transaction, from structuring the transaction through negotiation and documentation. Our representative clients have included banks, business borrowers, insurance companies, other institutional lenders, and state and municipal authorities and agencies.

We counsel lenders in the enforcement of their rights, including priorities, set off, and care of collateral. We work to maximize the rights, remedies and protection available to our clients.